We are the workers at Grindr. We comprise members of the LGBTQIA+ community and strong allies who work here because we want to center the queer experience. We’re dedicated to the success of this organization and sincerely believe that success can be achieved by prioritizing the humanity of our users, not just their wallets. As members and allies of communities that are systematically oppressed, we know that strength lies in working together, not alone.

What We Want

To be respected as human beings, not expendable line items that can be cut to reduce cost for the next earnings call.

We want a seat at the table. We want to elect a union member to represent us on the Board of Directors in order to advocate for product excellence, the broader community, and the people doing the work.

We want to enshrine our existing benefits in a contract so that they cannot be unilaterally taken away. These include:

We also want to expand our existing benefits to better embody our values, including:

Why a union?

We need to protect the workers at Grindr and hold management accountable to their responsibilities as leaders. This is how we help prevent surprise rounds of layoffs or “performance-based” terminations. This is how we gain the legal recognition of what we already know is true: the people who make Grindr are as valuable to the company as the people who make millions from Grindr. We’re already all in this together: we just want to DTR. 💍

Why now?

We are at an inflection point. We want more stability: we’ve gone public, experienced surprise organizational restructuring, and have had valued team members pushed out. We want greater economic security in our workplace: we’re in a volatile job market, with waves of layoffs affecting our industry, and we don’t want to be next. We want to push back against attacks on our community; we feel our leadership has not adequately taken a stand against discrimination, disenfranchisement, or the erosion of the rights of trans individuals. We want a company built for queer people, not one built to extract wealth from queer people. And we want to build it together, united.

We are our users; we’re zero feet away. 💓