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We want to protect the workers at Grindr and hold management accountable to their responsibilities as leaders. This is how we help prevent surprise rounds of layoffs or “performance-based” terminations. This is how we gain the legal recognition of what we already know is true: the people who make Grindr are as valuable to the company as the people who make millions from Grindr. We're already all in this together: a union just defines that relationship.

Grindr United is us, the employees of Grindr. It's made up of individual contributers.

Communications Workers of America (CWA) is a union with a proven track record of helping employees in tech organize.

No, but we'd love to have you join so we can make sure we're amplifying your voice in your concerns at Grindr.

We can't win our union in secret. We need to be out, loud, and proud about our support, in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder. We need to encourage everyone who supports Grindr United to stand with us publicly. This is how we win, and how we bring about the changes that we need at Grindr. Being publicly supportive is the best way to send a message to our leadership about the power we know we have.

None of us will pay dues until we sign a contract that's ratified by majority vote, and we won't sign a contract that's not worth the dues. Once we have a contract that gets majority support, all union members will pay dues. Dues with CWA 9505 will be 1.3% of salary after pre-tax deductions like 401K, HSA, and FSA. Union dues fund crucial union operations like contract negotiations and enforcement, legal expertise, and member support.

No, retaliatory actions like firing, changing working conditions, or otherwise punishing employees for supporting a union are illegal under the National Labor Relations Act.

In cases of unfair labor practices (ULPs) the National Labor Relations Board has been helping petition USCIS for U visas for those employees impacted while the ULP is investigated.

A group of employees will build support by talking with their coworkers to understand their concerns and frustrations and discuss if working together as a union could alleviate the issues discussed. If at least 30% of the eligible employees sign cards for the union to be their designated body to negotiate collectively the NLRB will schedule a private election. The individual votes will be secret from both the employer and the union, only the NLRB will see who voted how. If at least 50% + 1 of employees vote in favor of forming a union then the NLRB will recognize the union and require the employer to negotiate in good faith on a contract. The members of the union will vote on representatives to negotiate on their behalf for the contract. When a tentative agreement is that both the employer and union representatives are happy with is reached, it will be put to a majority vote by the members of the union and will only be ratified as a contract if it gets majority support by the union members in the vote. Once signed, the contract governs things like compensation and working agreements.

We hope Grindr will voluntarily recognize our union as other employers have for their employees, however, it's possible they won't. If Grindr does not voluntarily recognize us as a union, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will schedule and oversee a private election. Employers who do not voluntarily recognize a union tend to engage in activities like captive audience meetings to explain why they feel a union is not in our best interest.

Our union is us, and it can have as much or as little bureaucracy as we want as long as we're able to elect representatives and vote on a contract.

Unionized employees can still be fired for performance, but the protections offered by a union require that management do its part in setting expectations, documenting how an employee is performing relative to them, and having ongoing discussions about performance before firing an employee. If having a union makes it harder to get rid of an employee for performance reasons it's either because that employee has not actually been failing to meet expectations or because management has not been doing their part to review and discuss performance.

Congratulations on the promotion! Unfortunately managers are not able to be part of Grindr United due to NLRA restrictions on who can participate in a bargaining unit. We will continue to work to have a positive and productive relationship with everyone from management and leadership though, so don't feel like this should change your relationship with your coworkers.

There's no reason supporting your coworkers in the form of a union needs to impact your relationship with Grindr outside the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. If your manager and coworkers respect you and your choices there's no real reason that your working relationship with them or any coworkers who elect not to join the union should change.

We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at if you don't know how to get in touch with anyone involved on Signal or Discord. A union works best when we all work together. It's important that we help keep each other informed and honestly answer any questions that come up so everyone is making informed decisions.