Colby (they/them)

I want to unionize to make Grindr an even better product and place to work.

The users of Grindr are my friends and people I meet out in the queer community. I know how much it matters to all of us, and that’s why I joined the design team. I want to unionize so that we can have more of a say in the future of the company and ensure that we’re placing our users first.

Also, Grindr is a leader in trans benefits, and that’s something that brought me here. With these benefits, I started laser hair removal this year and it has been so affirming. I am deeply grateful for this support from Grindr, and would like to unionize so we can secure these benefits for us going forward.

Drew (he/him)

I want to unionize to protect our jobs and show others they can do the same. I've seen friends get laid off while the company they were working for made record profits. I've seen my employer win a Supreme Court case that stripped power away from workers. The only time an employer and their employees are on a level playing field is when they sit down at the bargaining table, and I strongly believe everyone at Grindr should have an equal say on a level playing field.

Jack (he/him)

Coming out of the closet to live authentically saved my life and my friends' lives. I deeply care about our mission of connecting queer users across the world and promoting queer joy. This product is too valuable to be left to the whims of management without accountability. The viability of this company and our jobs are more at risk if we remain silent. I support our union because we've seen a wave of anti-worker actions in the industry such as depressing wages, sudden reorganizations, and suggestions to overwork without proper compensation. The best way to protect each other, and make sure our business is sustainable and true to the mission, is to band together as a union. We need a democratic say in our workplace. I'm proud to work at Grindr, increase queer joy and connection across the world, and I'm proud to support our union GrindrUnited with Communications Workers of America.

Jacob (he/him)

Unions are built from necessity. We all deserve honesty and accountability from our employer. We deserve the respect and dignity of having our voices heard, our concerns met with empathy and understanding. We deserve a say in the terms of our employment, and in unionizing at Grindr, I hope to inspire others to take up the cause and fight for a better, more equal tomorrow.

Jeff (he/him)

I support Grindr United simply because I want to look out for my colleagues amid circumstances that consistently feel tougher and tougher. Our company plays a big role in today’s queer culture, and members of the LBGTQ+ community have seen the power of standing together. As the first authentically queer company to go public, it comes naturally that we want the same kind of solidarity and mutual support in our workplace that we seek out in our own community.

Quinn (they/them)

I am thrilled to form a union with my colleagues. We work here because we want to make a place for LGBTQIA+ to people find joy, not a tool to extract wealth from our community. Separate, our voices go unheard; united, we can't be ignored.

Rowan (they/them)

I support Grindr United because as a queer and trans person in an increasingly terrifying world, I and my peers deserve stability, honesty, and a voice in the workplace where we spend the majority of our waking hours. As a tech worker, I’ve seen roles in our field treated callously and as disposable over the years (and only ever increasingly so). I’ve seen friends lose their homes and ability to access critical healthcare simply because they were powerless against a layoff intended to slightly increase profits. This is not a viable system. Worker lives and particularly queer lives and families cannot continue to be upended with such little regard. I am so grateful to work at a company that serves my community and want to continue to improve our working conditions, culture of our workplace, and the experiences of our users. I believe in Grindr United not only for myself and current employees, but for those who come to Grindr in the future as well.

Ruby (she/her)

I’m forming a union at Grindr because I care deeply about the mission and values of Grindr, and the workers who get up everyday and make that possible. I’m also forming a union because I have the privilege to fight for those who can’t and those who deserve better. I’ve worked my way out of poverty to financial independence. I know what it’s like to suddenly have the rug pulled out from under you, to not have food to eat or a roof over your head. The workers of Grindr deserve to be able to bring their best selves to work everyday and feel secure knowing they have a contract and a seat at the table.

Trey (he/him)

I love all of Grindr’s benefits and don’t want them to disappear due to management’s caprice. Having a contract with these benefits enumerated and guaranteed would simply put in writing and force of law what already exists and has allowed for Grindr to be so successful. Partly I’m inspired by our executive team’s own contract terms and want my coworkers to be as protected against involuntary termination as our leaders have demonstrated is necessary and have ensured for themselves.

Queer and labor histories have repeatedly shown that if the less powerful aren’t united, then the rights and affordances our ancestors fought and died for will be eroded and more will be lost. Already this year we’ve seen a reduction in child labor protections, Texas remove the right to life-saving water breaks, and over 500 anti-LGBT laws passed or introduced. Liberation will only occur with many as one. Solidarity forever!

Chelsey (she/her)

I'm forming a union at Grindr because I do not feel like I, my colleagues, or the Grindr users are being treated with the respect they deserve. I care deeply about Grindr's mission of connecting the community across the world and bringing joy to our users. I want to protect this app and its community from being squeezed for all of its juice.
I'm burnt out by the anxiety that my income and healthcare could be pulled out from under me at the whim of executives, unrelated to my performance or the company's financials. I am seeking protection for myself, my colleagues, and our users because we deserve better. 💛